Open Demos

Open Demos

If you are viewing this page, likely you have already spoken to a Red Hat associate or partner. These demos exist in order to provide customers, ISVs, partners and Red Hat employees a low-pressure way to see the functionality of several of Red Hat's best products in action. These demonstrations are given by Red Hat Solutions Architects. These are live demonstrations where Q&A is welcome and you will be working with technical subject matter experts. The FAQ and Schedule portions of this site should deliver all information needed to join one of these demonstrations.

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07 Dec 202102:00 PM ESTManaging a Red Hat environment with Smart Management (Insights & Satellite)William Lupton
09 Dec 202102:00 PM ESTAutomation with AnsibleMark Elmore
14 Dec 202102:00 PM ESTAutomation with AnsibleDan Lineback
16 Dec 202111:00 AM ESTManaging a Red Hat environment with Smart Management (Insights & Satellite)Richard Rios
21 Dec 202102:00 PM ESTRed Hat OpenShiftAngela Andrews
23 Dec 202102:00 PM ESTRed Hat OpenShift with Advanced Cluster ManagementCaetano Medeiros
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to attend these demos?

Anyone! The original goal of these are to provide a way for Red Hat employees to provide demonstrations of our software for their customers. However there is no reason why partners, internal employees, ISV accounts or anyone else should not join these presentations. In fact, the more the merrier.

What is the difference between these and our regularly scheduled webinars presented by our marketing department?

These demonstrations feature no marketing information. They are purely designed to show the meat of the product, how it functions and to demonstrate common use cases. Webinars typically have a specific agenda and are generally half presentation, half demonstration. We are giving 100% demonstration for customers who are needing to see a product in action to better understand how to utilize it.

Why not simply record a singular session and pass it to customers as a recorded presentation instead of doing a similar demo each week?

We have tried this in the past and people still request that live demo. By having an interactive presence on the call, customers receive the attention that they need while also gaining the ability to ask questions and steer the direction of the presentation based on live feedback.

The demo is over, now what?

If you have additional questions, please contact your account manager or Solution Architect. If you do not know, feel free to email the presenter and they can help you.

What does TBA mean?

TBA = To Be Announced. There is currently no assigned person to present on that date yet.

Feedback? Any other suggestions?

We are open to suggestions so feel free to reach out to us. is the best email address to use.

Raffle Terms & Conditions

Red Hat Open Demos Drawing November 2021 Official Terms & Conditions. Join each Open Demo and enter the raffle with a chance to win a $100 Amazon gift card. Enter each time you attend an Open Demo during the month. The winner will be notified via email.

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